New York

One of my first globe. I literally pilled up buildings of Manhattan. I found images form the eighties, which is for me the golden age of the city. I put the radiator building, my favorite of all time. The humans are some Italians on their chairs, and hipsters of Williamsburg. Also a bike courier. You will see the new museum of modern art on Prince street, with the famous HELL YES from the artist Ugo Rondinone. Enjoy a tiny tour in the Guggenheim…

• Globe en verre.
• Composition en papier.

Chaque pièce est réalisée à la commande. Votre création sera unique. La composition peut légèrement varier d’un globe à l’autre, ainsi que la couleur de la base et la végétation.

Each piece is unique and made for you. Composition can vary between a gobe and the next. The color of the base and the vegetation can also change.

A French craft
Made by hand and to order, the globe comes to life in our family workshop in Biarritz.
A unique creation
The globe is delivered in its labeled and protective "craft" box.
A piece of art
An original creation, each piece is unique as is the story it tells.