CUSTOMIZED GLOBES - New orders delivered in fall 2024.

Custom globes

The globe, meeting and dialogue between your story and the creative imagination of the artist, is a unique work, composed to your images.

As the memory is sometimes blurred, the globe is free, it is a cartography of the emotion intended to make it reappear through a city one day surveyed or dreamed.

This encounter between your story and the vision as well as the know-how of the artist, offers a feeling under the bell like a perfume.

New shapes, noble materials, and dimensions can be explored and released on request.

The personalized globe adapts itself to your interiors and is available in medium (14 cm x 19 cm) or large (20 cm x 30 cm).

Like the content, the container can also be personalized to match your dreams, your requirements or aesthetics and awaken those of the artist.

Blue background photo : Oval globe blown on demand by Atelier Veramy in France (Ø 40cm x H 30 cm). From 2650€.

The creation of your globe is based on a relationship and a dialogue with its creator.

Memories, vague emotions, precise events, eloquent silences, graphic elements, references, sensations, contexts, are all seeds to be sown in the imagination of the artist who will then work to grow them into a lush and unique composition of your secret garden.

Pink background photo : Classic Large round globe (Ø 20 cm x H 30 cm). From 1690€.

Order my custom globe

To order your personalized globe thank you fill in the form below.
I will contact you to confirm the order and gather the necessary elements for its realization.

1/ Choose the size of your custom globe *
These prices do not include delivery charges.
2/ Your information
3/ The scenario of your custom globe

It can be a geographical route, your places, a house, a country, landscapes, passions, the entourage ...
Just give me entries to create your globe.
You can talk as much as it tells you, but you can also be silent, give me only one city or country as a starting point, I will find a way to get into the subject.

4/ Beyond these first informations....

You will need to provide me with digital photos that illustrate these words.
There is a slight specification. I prefer that the characters are mainly foot and whole.
Similarly for architectures and landscapes ... It allows me to superimpose the elements.
You can photograph film photos, or scan them, you can draw in the images of your networks because the definition is sufficient.
It will be necessary to name the photos. And send me one or more files by mail (we transfer, dropbox ...).

The sending of this form is without obligation of purchase.
You will be registered on the order book upon receipt of payment.
Full payment on the order, by transfer, check or credit card.

If you are on the Basque-Landes coast, you can withdraw your order at the workshop in Biarritz.
In other cases, the shipment is made by Colissimo, offered in France, and at your expense abroad.
Delivery within 2 to 6 weeks from the date of payment of your order.

A French craft
Made by hand and to order, the globe comes to life in our family workshop in Biarritz.
A unique creation
The globe is delivered in its labeled and protective "craft" box.
A piece of art
An original creation, each piece is unique as is the story it tells.