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The globes

Charlotte puts her infinitely small under a bell. The territories gain their relief under a bell and thus go beyond the imposed boundaries of cartography.

Created in 2015, the globes reinvent the snow globe and create geographies free from the austere realism of the façade.

A lush narrative and visual hothouse in which hybrid cities grow and the personal stories linked to them exist. A postcard in volume of emotion and memory, destined to bring them back. Place de la Madeleine de Proust.
City globes

Singapore, Rio, New York, Biarritz, Paris, Lima... each city is an interpretation, an appropriation by the artist of space and urban time.

By creating a case with subjective details, she offers to the streets, a thousand times walked or a thousand times fantasized, an original lighting.

Custom globes

As the memory is sometimes blurred, the globe is free, it is a cartography of the emotion intended to make it reappear through a city one day surveyed or dreamed.

Your Globe is thus conceived on a relationship and a dialogue with its creator.

discover customized globes
Triptych globes

The globe alone is an autonomous world.
The three globes that form the triptych are a modular and expanding universe.

Compose this collection, or the beginning of it, according to your inspiration, or favor the artist's, in any case, to quote Baudrillard, "One always collects oneself. »

A French craft
Made by hand and to order, the globe comes to life in our family workshop in Biarritz.
A signed edition
The globe is delivered in its labeled and signed "craft" box.
A piece of art
An original creation, each piece is unique as is the story it tells.