📦⚠️📦 Since each creation is made to order, lead time before shipping can be 3-5 weeks 📦⚠️📦


Since 2017, Atelier Charlotte Bourrus has been opening its creative doors to brands, companies and houses that wish to see their message and their world take on a new, unique and artistic dimension.

Showcases and globes are personalised and bend, without submitting, to the principle of collaboration.

Charlotte does not offer private individuals, brands and companies a fixed image that will fade away, but a living story that can be told over and over again.
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the globes
A French craft
Made by hand and to order, the globe comes to life in our family workshop in Biarritz.
A signed edition
The globe is delivered in its labeled and signed "craft" box.
A piece of art
An original creation, each piece is unique as is the story it tells.