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About us

Based on the principle of collectibles, anecdotal details, rather than telling the story of one world The Map, tells us the story of many worlds.

Varied and evolving, their respective account combine a macro vision through an actual map, the globe and local history with a micro one based on experience and personal memories.
Charlotte Bourrus

Charlotte is a graphic designer, graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Art Décoratifs de Paris. Since school, her research and creations have focused on migrations, contemporary history, geopolitics and travel. Passionate about publishing, she also draws her inspiration from books, guides and stories.

Freelance designer, then graphic designer for Volcom and Hipanema, she mainly works on collage and illustration to create commissioned visuals.

It is with collage - "a misappropriation of the know-how of others that says the same thing as poetry (Prévert)" - as the guiding thread of her approach that she approached the project The Map in 2011, which in 2020 became "L'Atelier", a creative studio to which she now devotes herself entirely, surrounded by a passionate and talented team.

She works there and conceives the most intimate projects as well as the most prestigious collaborations, always driven by the same insatiable curiosity and a singular, poetic and demanding artistic spirit.

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The family
Office manager
Archaeologist image 2.0
Archaeologist image 2.0
the globes
A French craft
Made by hand and to order, the globe comes to life in our family workshop in Biarritz.
A signed edition
The globe is delivered in its labeled and signed "craft" box.
A piece of art
An original creation, each piece is unique as is the story it tells.