Each creation is made to order, the delivery time can be from 4 to 8 weeks.
The Special Editions St Valentine will be delivered by 14/02 at the latest.

The Map revisits traditional maps in 3D.

The world and its many countries constitute the laying foundation of this project exploration.

With reinvented dioramas, Charlotte’s compositions question the notion of territory, frontiers and cultural heritage. They tell stories in a deliberate anachronistic way and document the world in a utopia in which encyclopaedic and vernacular knowledge share equal space.

In opposition to the immense, Charlotte’s work is a delicate piece of craftsmanship. Mastering territories starts with surgical and meticulous work.

3D composition allows for multiple readings of the piece which is made of various superimposed layers. Each map is tailor made and constitutes a unique piece of art.
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Created in 2015, Globes are the result of Charlottechab’s desire to exhibit her in nitely small universes in glass jars.

They constitute the second leg of the Map Project. Territories, in that particular set up, gain density and far exceed the frontiers imposed by traditional maps.

They are revisited snow globes personalized to suit celebrations, seasons, cities and personal events.

In these visual and narrative greenhouses, cities emerge together with the personal stories attached to them.

From Paris to Singapore or Rio, each city constitutes an interpretation, the appropriation by the artist of urban space and time.

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In 2017, Charlotte’s revisited paper universe finds a new declination through window displays.

Albertine’s shop welcomes the Atlantic Ocean as reinvented by the artist and the precious casket of this Biarritz brand proudly exhibits a mass of paper luxurious flora mixed with the ocean components.

Then Modetrotter new store located rue d’Aboukir in Paris hosts in its window display parts of the Bacongo hood, the stronghold of the Congolese fashionista and dandy movement as early as September 2017.

And for the launch of their new summer 2018 collection, a second Modetrotter window display explores Shoreditch, East London’s famous trendy district, to establish a rich visual dialogue between its formerly shady streets and their current hype. Charlotte creates a patchwork of romantic chic run down hipster areas filled with people, the Queen, shop signs, walls, paintings and Big Ben, of course!

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Charlotte is a graphic designer who graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. From day one, her research and her art focused on migrations, contemporary history, geopolitics and travel.

Passionate about publishing, she also gets her inspiration from books, guides and travel stories. As an independent designer then graphic designer for Volcom and Hipanema, she mainly works on collages and illustrations to create the visuals ordered by her many clients.

Collages are the central focus of her art and this is how The Map project started. Charlotte proceeded to create a little box which contained the Antarctic sprinkled with elements that showcased one of her closest friends’ trip as a unique thirtieth birthday present.

Today Charlotte concentrates solely on the Map project and develops collaborations with various artists and brands.

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